Understanding who you are

Intuition is the fruition of the fertile mind
Compassion is an action of somebody acting kind.

Integrity is a desire to be true in all they do
Intellectual idealism demonstrates your no ones fool.

But if these words and actions are not from the heart and soul within
Then my friend you will find that they don’t mean anything

For we are energy and matter and we are made from the cosmos and the stars
We are poetry in motion we are all truly works of art
Defined by conscious reality of just who we really are.

We are fragments of an ancient age
We’re everything and everyone
So much more than we believe we are love and we are one

We are amazing and so much more than we could ever truly perceive
The truth is understanding this and starting to believe.

For we are all on a path that is unique to us and perfect in it’s way
For we make up this universe and the source from whence we came

So stop believing that your tiny and an inconsequential speck
For in truth you are the most wonderful thing that had been created yet

Omniscient and powerful and filled with so much love
You radiate will all the divinity from up above.

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